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Good morning to all, stunning sunrise in London town. Red sky in the morning etc and gales aplenty to challenge lots of us. I'm almost tempted to take a day trip to the east coast to see the tidal surge but this tomfoolery will not be tolerated. I've always been attracted to bad weather and have a hankering to be one of those storm-chasers that get as close as they can to tornados, then run away. Now that is a sensible way of spending your non-existant retirement.
So assuming I'm tied to this desk all day and not heading out east, lets dazzle each other with ADVENT CALENDAR oldies. I had a miserable looking stone angel/gargoyle in mine today but then it is an arty one of St Marks in Venice. I don't want a chocolate filled Strictly Advent Calendar thank you very much where Bruce or Bruno stare out of the doors, or the  sparkly Downton calendar with aristo-themed fun for every day. The kids scoff at the very idea of having an advent calendar without a sample of rubbish chocolate behind every door but I am defiant. More power to my gargoyle and other bits of exciting stonework that lay in wait through December. Advent calendar songs please!
Have a useful and well-balanced Thursday, see you after 5

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