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Best Laid Plans etc


Hello, morning and a good Tuesday to bloggers everywhere. The first creepings of autumn are discernible across the estate as spiders spin and leaves turn. And those nights are creeping in, damn them. Anytime now I'll start to feel nervous about going back to school and going up a year. Need a new pencil case and protractor at least. And a slide rule. Never had a slide rule. Not even sure what they did but they looked cool and complicated and I wanted one. Life is just one disappointment after another.
Speaking of which, sorry that Jon Snow never happened yesterday. It was all fine on Friday but all fell apart Monday. But thanks to Ronan Keating for re-routing and stepping up at the last minute. He's looking exactly like someone who has been taking his clothes off in a movie should look. And just like we all do at radio 2...
Last night I finally got to let go of the second book and sent it to the publishers and then this morning the inbox pings with the American version of the first! Hell yeah! (as they say over there) Life is just one thrilling moment after another. It might be a while before I can give it the attention it needs what with the show to do and all. And today we welcome Vic and Bob to Drivetime who host a new show called Lucky Sexy Winners. It is classic Vic and Bob and the look of bemusement on the faces of the guests (apart from Eddie Izzard) is quite something to behold.
And oldies today please on the subject of the NHS. After Danny Boyle's opening Olympic ceremony, the NHS brand is apparently to be sold around the world so we'll help it on its way with a few songs of your choice
Have a focused and rewarding Tuesday, see you after 5.


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