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Devoid of hats


Good morning from the chilly estate. The price for leaving a skylight open is 1) a very cold kitchen and 2) spider webs where spider webs shouldn't be. I knew I should have been more ruthless in throwing out my squatting arachnid friends but it is too late now. An early morning flourish with a duster and all will be well.
Interesting conversation with an American friend last night, most impressed with the coverage and tickets sold at the Paralympics here. Then this morning reports of the almost media-black out in the States about the games; NBC are not showing highlights till September 16th! The host broadcaster will always provide more coverage than foreign ones of course but our American friend felt it reflected wonderfully on the UK that we get excited by the Paralympics. It's only a sample of one but thought you'd like to hear it.
2 show day today with the good doctor back in place after his ridiculously long holiday. Ray Winstone (in case you miss/missed him on Chris's show) with his Sweeney co-star Ben Drew who is Plan B the rapper. They are the Regan/Carter double act in the movie of The Sweeney. Except it isn't. It is nothing like the loveable cheeky-chappy cop show and really a violent London cops and robbers film, fronted by a Carter and a Regan.
Then it's a swift Central line to R2 for some ARF duties and the crowning of a new ARF Queen/King. Over to you.
Have a startling and affirming Friday, see you after 5.


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