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Never been used before


(thanks to Jennie W I now know I'm safe with that one, top research!)
Here we are then. The weekend (and a week off) beckons just as it clouds over. My memories of Easter holidays are associated with freezing temps and snow everywhere so no complaints from me-this is balmy indeed! Caravanning in the New Forest, as the condensation freezes on the inside of the caravan windows-that's my abiding memory of these holidays. Oh and ice in the chemical toilet now I come to think of it. Anyway We are grateful for 13 degrees if that is all we have.
No film show for me today as esteemed actor David Morrissey takes the helm again so it is straight to ARF for me and 1974 will be our ARFO year. Tom Baker is the new Dr Who, its the 3 day week (oh joy) and we are awash with Bay City Rollers, Yes, Abba and Paper Lace. Wide lapels. Big hair. We have photos.
5pm then!
(and I'll have a go at 578 blog entries while I'm away)

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