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Actually in my house this morning which is a strange moment. No schools to talk to but back on that tour again tomorrow. The trouble with 'working from home' is of course getting roped in to give children lifts when buses fail to turn up or missed bus because spent too long looking for umbrella. If you're on a train, that's that. `Yesterday's star pupil-as i mentioned on the show-was a lad called George who told me he listened to the show regularly. Before I looked too pleased he added it was his grandmother who always had me on. Anyway this is a good thing as I subscribe to the theory that a 'target audience' is a nonsense and that everyone is welcome. Across the generations, come one, come all. I always tell the pupils that we might not have tempted them in just yet, but that Radio 2 will get them in the end. Like death and taxes.
Today we are baking. Paul Hollywood, judge on "The Great British Bake Off", will be with us. His partnership with Mary Berry has been described in The Guardian as 'the show's secret weapon' and maybe one of the best judging combos on TV. I have never baked but happily pay for other people's labour and watched last night's episode of doughnuts and celebration breads with a rising hunger. Cakes and bread are seen by the weight conscious as the devil's food but Paul looks in good shape to me and he will discuss the art of baking from 6. And GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF oldies should fill the gaps between sponge and tart (insert your own joke here).
Have a trim and sporty Wednesday, see you after 5.


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