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Waterloo I think. That's what the man said anyway. But it's very early and dark, so frankly who knows? And I'm yet to check the details as no coffee has yet been imbibed. I know it's a drug and that breeds dependency but it is used in moderation. A cardiologist once told me that watching coffee was good but that a few squares of dark chocolate and a drink of diet cola (silly phrase) would have the same effect on my heart. So watch all of it basically (nb she didn't say stop, she just said 'watch' which I do). After Paul Hollywoods visit, along with buns and bread, there are a few more things we will need to 'watch'.
I was a late convert to coffee anyway, only starting when I was deputising for Adrian John on the early show for Radio 1, so this is 86/87. Until then I didn't like any hot drinks but the studios had a coffee machine which made exceptionally strong brews and, needing something to whet the whistle, took what I needed. Within a few weeks I was hooked. I'm thinking of sending Adrain John any future medical bills that accrue as a result of his carelessly wanting time off.
More food today! The sourdough bread and Chelsea buns were enough to keep us going for a while but Nigel fills any gap that might have appeared with Hake, cider and clotted cream. My cardiologist might have something to say about that too.
Oldies please for the start of the RYDER CUP where the European golfers take on the Americans and we are suddenly good Europeans for a few days at least. It's all happening in Chicago which might take you down a few other alleys...
Have a well-controlled and organised Thursday. See you after 5.


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