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Remember all those apologies about blog lateness? Well those again. Hopefully all working today...(HA!)

So my album choice is on the air now. There Goes Rhymin' Simon by Paul Simon was the choice and Take MeTo The Mardis Gras sounded fantastic on Chris. It was a tough choice of course. I could have gone for Springsteen (Seeger Sessions or Tom Joad) U2 (Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby) The Jam (Setting Sons or All Mod Cons) or Bob Dylan (almost certainly Blood on The Tracks). That was my shortlist but of course the real choice was 'fave album with tracks that can be played across the day quite happily' which is a different matter. Anyway it was TGRS in the end and is PS at the height of his powers. I was at secondary school at the time and every word (helpfully printed) and all the artwork on the gatefold sleeve is imprinted on my memory.
And the songs...Well my favourite track is Something So right but Kodachrome (can we play that now?), One Man's Ceiling, American Tune, Tenderness are all great. I'm starting the show with Love's Me Like A Rock which is the terrific slice of gospel/doo-wop featuring The Dixie Hummingbirds which closes the album. As my choice turned up today, ARFDAY, the show opener was where it had to go. So no need to choose your tunes today BUT I would love to know what you bloggers would have chosen. Which album? Which track? Do tell! Now is the time to tell all!

I hope you enjoy the tracks from TGRS today. And guest Gael Garcia Bernal on the movie show if you head in the 5L direction this afternoon. THen it'll be ARFtime and the weekend is up and running.

Have a frisky and adventurous Friday, see you after 5.

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