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Sprig of mint


Yes, I've gone back to kitchen ingredients. Friday's blog was late because the system gets confused if I've used a title before. So extra work has to go into coming up with a title I've never used before. So sprig of mint should be fine, but we shall see. Prepare for part two of a tour around the larder/fridge/shopping bag.

Good weekend? A little twitching from me, in the company of some wise bird spotters who singled out a Cetti's Warbler, a Great Tit, a Heron, a buzzard, chaffinch (which get capitals? I'm confused) and a million coots. And I had a packed lunch which, in the great tradition of countless school trips, was demanding to be eaten by 10.30. I resisted till 11.15.

Today on Book Club duties with The Son by the prolific Jo Nesbo. Read some here! Jo is a trained economist who toured with his band Di Derre and played premiere league football for Molde FK. And has sold 20 million books in 40 languages. I know I know. This guy has talent. The Son is a cracking, standalone thriller telling the story of Sonny, a model prisoner who has taken the rap for crimes that others have committed. He hears the confessions of other prisoners until one of them says he knows Sonny's disgraced father was an honest man. Sonny decides to break out and exact revenge on those responsible. It's a top read and you can hear Jo (pronounced Yoo I think) at 6.

And GAME OF THRONES is back for some more axe-wielding, bare-chested fantasy romps on TV tonight. I'm on series 1 episode 2 so a bit to catch up I think. Game of Thrones oldies might be fun n'est-ce pas?

Your place at 5!


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