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And Pass The Bread Sauce


Bread sauce is the business. Everything else is important of course but no bread sauce, no deal (I'm either fussy or easily pleased. Not sure really). I have an empty fridge at the moment which means a weekend bunfight is imminent. But on the plus side, child 2 returns from Uni today and the Kardashian Christmas special or similar monstrosity will be blasting from the TV very soon. How very lovely.
Last blog of the year here! And nothing more profound to say than thanks for all the posts and for keeping the show bubbling from the crack of dawn to last thing at night. I hope you all have the Christmas you want and a peaceful, jolly, harmonious, well-planned, relaxing (ha!) time. We have 3 shows to go-all request Christmas volumes 1, 2 and 3. Chose a top song to start the show please-no year restrictions but festivity/party/jollity required...
My guess for blog posts is 786. I'm back on the 2nd, maybe the blog is too but who knows!
Have a chilled and smart Friday, see you at 5.
Happy Christmas top bloggers!

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