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Sweet apricot kernels


Yup don't think I've used that one before. Good morning to all bloggers, bright sunny and cool here. Warm radiators too. None of this 'central heating off' nonsense just yet; April can be a pesky month!  Off to the airport today to welcome back Wife 1 and child 1 who have been in Brazil for 2 weeks. I have kept everything on an even keel-everything that needs to be is clean, swept or ironed-and I have cooked my 4 meals in perfect rotation. No one has been ill or badly behaved. Very few take aways have been ordered. Brownie points have been earned, enough to last till Easter surely. There may yet be some food or paint-based catastrophe awaiting but so far, so good.
Hey it's a Tunesday everybody! Songs of 5 minutes or longer will be serenaded and elevated and played in full. Post them here or email with your eulogies.
And how about songs for the folk next door? According to a project called Who Do We Think We Are, 30 percent of us feel closer to our neighbours and neighbourhood than we used to. So that's NEIGHBOURS and the NEIGHBOURHOOD songs sorted.
It's a way off, but 5pm at yours is good for me.


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