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I hear the sprinklers at work-the hissing of summer lawns indeed. Back door open, temperature bearable and Richard Allinson on and sounding great. Blogging activity low but then all activity is low so that's ok. Early morning is the time to do everything these days so let's wrap everything arduous before 9. Years ago filming in Israel with boiling temps from about 10am we had to do a days work from sunrise to, for want of a better phrase, elevenses (not an Israeli tradition). After that it was too hot to work and we all retired to the shade to read books and sip on exotic fruits (or slept and grumbled, one of the two). It just isn't possible to work at the same furious, northern European rate when we have lethargic southern European temps so I'm backing off imminently .
Comedian Ed Byrne today. We head to Edinburgh in August for some shows and Ed is a big festival favourite there. I think our times don't coincide while there so he's in to talk festival business, mountain climbing and falling out with Piers Morgan (which I was responsible for).
And ALFRESCO oldies please. If you can do it outside, then you will; eating, working, show prep etc.
Have a cool and sweet-smelling Wednesday. See you after 5

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