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Matters arising


Hooray for Friday and everything that goes with it. Sun shining here and looking lovely for the weekend; with the temperatures looking pretty high on Sunday, it looks like a fine day for lying in the park and saying 'Wahay! Go Sir Tom!" a few times. By the evening it'll be nippy I think so bring layers (my role here has moved from blogger to mother).
Interesting points from the blog yesterday, particularly the 'illicit' recording of radio shows. I too have some cassettes of old shows tucked away in boxes and am just starting to rummage around trying to find them. There is a point to all this and there will be details coming soon but the BBC is keen to hear what is out there to supplement the archives. So if you have some recordings (and I'm sure I too heard Tom Browne talking about the 'Spot The Pigeon' EP), get them ready. Somewhere I have Paul Burnett playing a song for me and getting my name wrong- imagine that!
And with reference to the Mayo clinic query, no, nothing to do with me. My ambition for the book is to get to the point where you google 'Itch' and 'Mayo' and it doesn't take you to details you might not need...
Let's get those ARF tunes in and kick off today's show in fine style. A tune with comes an adrenaline rush please.
Have a trim and and nifty Friday, see you after 5 (and 2, if on 5 etc).


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