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Now this might be briefer than normal. Last night we smelt gas and the National Grid man came and shut our boiler down. So as the frost crept over the windows, we hugged the remaining heat in the radiators and put on wooly hats. Can't argue with the man from the National Grid. All we need is boiler man/woman to actually have all the parts with him/her necessary for the repair (unlikely on past experience) and all will be well. I'm not holding my breath. Which must be why I can see clouds of steam as I type in our office...

So Jim Kerr and Simple Minds today - a new Greatest Hits compilation is out called Celebrate. One of the new tracks 'Broken Glass Park' was Ken's Record of the Week last week and he had the world exclusive two weeks ago. In the late 80s they were step by step level with U2 as the biggest band around and Glittering Prize, Don't You Forget About Me and Promised You A Miracle were three of the biggest songs around. Jim is always an affable guest - good to have him back.

And oldies please on the subject of LATENESS/TARDINESS. Justin Bieber kept everyone waiting for 2 HOURS at the O2 yesterday with poor parents circling the car park (or similar) to pick up their kids, when the wretched star had barely started. No excuse has been forthcoming which is of course unforgivable; I wonder if the worshipping crowd outside his hotel might be a little diminished this morning. Anyway LATENESS is the thing for tune chasers today.

Have a perky and chipper Tuesday, see you after 5.

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