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Really tempted by that idea of finding a last minute trip for a few days of warmth somewhere. My instinct is always to plan these things but that mercury level is proving to be stubbornly hopeless. 4 days in Madrid? Only £45 each in a 5 star hotel with pool and jacuzzi? Oh all right then, go on. I know it'll never happen however and we'll join the huddled masses cowering on a pier somewhere pretending to be thrilled with the good value fish and chips on offer. 

Oh, and to all the people who write about the weather; it has always snowed at easter. Not every easter (obvs) but I remember an easter (69 maybe?) waking up in my parent's caravan in the New Forest with snow outside and frozen condensation inside. It's a pain but it's true and life goes on. And today (all being well) child 2 returns on an 12 hour stopover on her way to somewhere else on her gap year travels. She's been in 28 degrees for a month and will go on to 30 degrees for 5 weeks-this is going to be a shock for her! We will super-heat the house and wear shorts in her honour (if I may... Lucy Cavendish's room description in I*** R**** is basically her room. I'm sure she won't mind).

Today we do some posh burgers with Nige and let's do EASTER BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND oldies please and see if a few decibels can warm us up a little.

Have a smiley and constructive Thursday, see you after 5.

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