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Better what?


Late blog due to meetings and wandering around child 2's final year art show. I missed this due to radio commitments of course but needed to see it before it was taken down and everything disappeared into parent's attics and cupboards. Once your kid's art starts leaving the fridge and has to be displayed in an architecture park, your artistic criticism is limited in its usefulness. But it was, nevertheless, brilliant and will be urging The Culture Show to visit immediately.
It is a fascinating, thrilling and still depressing moment when you realise you can't really help with homework anymore. Sure you can generally advise, but actually help whilst knowing the answer is something else altogether. And I was rubbish at art at school so my adult life has been spent (amongst other things) catching up with those who weren't. I used to walk into the National Gallery once a week, select 2 paintings, learn about them, buy the postcards and...put them on the fridge. So the refrigerator is still the best place to display masterpieces after all.
Today it is Nigel's turn again and he has another piece of Indian superfood for us. He cooked from Gurpareet Bains' last cookbook and I use it all the time (huge exaggeration) at home so this will be something to look forward to.
And songs please. Now Team GB have unveiled their motto for the Olympics which is 'Better Never Stops'. Hmmm. Really, really not sure about that. Incorrect, poor grammar, confusing in my opinion. So tunes please with BETTER MOTTOS THAN TEAM GB. Any song title that might be an improvement on 'better never stops' is welcome. Over to you, there is no consultancy fee.
Have a sweet and gorgeous Thursday, see you after 5


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