Playing: I'll Be There by Jess Glynne
BBC Radio 2

Worked for me


Well that was better. Thanks for all the positive comments about last night's show. I knew Wilko Johnson would be good but not that good. He has an extraordinary story to tell and great set of songs to be very pleased with but that doesn't mean it would necessarily be compelling radio. But (I suppose) the proximity of death focusses the mind somewhat and gives you a certain clarity about what matters and what doesn't. I still was ridiculously annoyed at a missing Oyster card this morning, so I obviously wasn't listening closely enough but I will strive to do better. Here's hoping Wilko's body gives him much more time and as many glorious gigs as he wants.

And for today Nigel seemed to promise some chocolate popcorn cake or something similar. Hmm. In Nige we trust, however challenging the circumstances...

And oldies please for DREAMERS AND DREAMS. Particularly WEIRD DREAMS. Top psychologist Richard Wiseman says that it is quite likely we get weird dreams when the moon is full. There is an evolutionary explanation to do with sleeping lightly at the full moon because of predators but frankly who knows...But if you dream having a mango cocktail with Jeremy Vine while stroking Meryl Streep's washing machine, I'd blame it on the lunar cycle. Anyway, songs please.

5pm allright with everyone?


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