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And also with you


Good morning to all bloggers-vets and newcomers. The estate looking drab, bleak and a bit hopeless to be honest but no time to do anything about it. Too busy being jolly. Matt is of course  feeling 'Christmassy' from October onwards but now it is compulsory for everyone.

We wandered to a fine Spanish establishment last night for a Drivetime Christmas meal and the world was set to rights. Well it was when I bailed (something senior broadcasters are allowed to do by the way), it might have all gone bad later. If the creme de menthe came out, we're in big trouble  come 5pm.
I of course loved the Bellowhead tunes but their Jingle Bells was particularly good. Paloma Faith performs for us today -I think a 'Santa Baby' might be in order.

And your top tune suggestions for PEACE ON EARTH and GOOD WILLL TO ALL MEN. We did it last year and it seems we should do it again. And whatever you suggested then is fine too.

I need to write cards. There is a pile waiting to be done. Still can't quite bring myself to do the e-card thing so the old and tired address list (with occasional crossings-off now) makes another appearance. Need to go.

Have a fragrant and impressive Tuesday, see you after 5


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