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Good morning to all bloggers, those who are new and those who have been around for awhile. The blogvets, a years service required. But everyone welcome of course.
Enjoyed yesterday, Tony Parsons always a good listen. In a rather lovely gesture, he bought me a book. He had seen that I had tweeted about having reached 90,000 words for Itch 2 and bought me a collection of Ernest Hemingway's musings On Writing. This is a good thing; guests who bring appropriate gifts for their hosts need to be encouraged. Retiring early, I managed a few pages of Hemingway before disappearing to the land of nod. This was nothing to do with the quality of what I was reading, more the onset of a what I thought was the imminent arrival of a cold. This appears to have disappeared for now and I shall plough on, manfully, not mentioning it to anyone. Please keep this to yourselves.
Nigel today of course and today he offers a courgette, pea and tarragon tart for your delight.
And oldies today for tall people. The annual European Convention for Tall People is meeting in Finland. And they need their tunes.
Have a brisk and efficient Thursday, see you after 5


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