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Shock and Awe


Now something must be up. Things are not right, no not at all. There is a ball-type thing in the sky which appears to be giving out heat and light. There are folklore tales and songs about this sort of thing happening but it seems frankly ridiculous to me. It'll be gone soon and we can all carry on as normal.
What the weather is doing is almost irrelevant however as I have a denouement to write. Last night I clicked over 90,000 words on the new book (Itch 2? Itch Rocks?) and I can finish anytime I like really but there seem to be a few thousand to go. Pretty soon after finishing this here posting, the weary trudge upstairs will mark the beginning of today's tapping of the keyboard. First I will have to make another coffee and then read the entire contents of the internet. Then I might be ready. The procrastination fairy is due any minute.
Today we have author and columnist Tony Parsons on the show, the best selling author of Man And Boy, One For My Baby and My Favourite Wife. His new novel is Catching The Sun about a man who gives up on the UK and moves his family to Phuket, Thailand. They are seeking a paradise to contrast with life in Blighty but, inevitably, it doesn't quite work out the way they were hoping...
And oldies today please on the return of DALLAS to our screens. After a 20 year absence JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen and their amoral Southfork chums are back on TV screens. Choose a song for them all please in the traditional manner.
Have a smart and ingenious Wednesday, see you after 5.


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