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Wrap up well, bloggers! A cold snap (or 'winter' as it's known) is upon us and the bun-fight at the glove and scarf counter is testament to that. And that we've lost precisely one glove since last year. It might even be time for those of us who look foolish in all hats to brave the sneers of our friends and family and don some kind of head gear to keep the heat in. All my family look great in hats, but I sadly an only get away with Lenin/American army/60s folkie style cap and even then small children laugh and point at me in the street. But I don't want get the flu so I will cope with the embarrassment. If you hear someone shout "Is that a Russian revolutionary, Gen Petraeus or Tom Paxton?" it'll probably be me.

And I'm hastening to work. And it's The Hobbit first thing! The first of the new Peter Jackson trilogy awaits this morning/afternoon and I'm hoping it's a belter. I'm watching for work but it's the movie we have booked for child 3's birthday trip to the cinema with chums at the weekend which will be followed by that spicy chicken place. So I have it twice in six days! Go Hobbit.

Then a top Drivetime with Jools Holland! Some live tunes with Jools at the Elton John piano and Ruby Turner at the mic. He starts and closes our show everyday so it's always good to get some complete Jools songs away and you can hear him and Ruby tonight.

And for the tunes, with two more weeks till the big day, we'll start the Yule-theme going with OFFICE PARTY oldies. Who knows if they still happen in the way tradition dictates - maybe it's just a bowl of peanuts and a cup of tea these days.

But you know what's expected...

Have a well-budgeted and well-balanced Monday, see you after 5.


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