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A pyjama-ed blog today in reaction to the hurried mornings of Tuesday and Wednesday. I can take it easy till Denzil Washington wants me to interview him at 2pm. He knows I'm busy and can't give him  that long but he knows he has to fit in with the Drivetime schedule. I know he's oscar nominated again but that doesn't mean his 3 word Thursday can jump to the head of the queue-oh no. He might offer 'watch my movie' or 'need another oscar' but that can wait behind 'zumba class tonight' and 'eaten more cake'. He knows the rules, hopefully I won't need to explain them to him again. Hollywood eh?

Book club is back! The first choice of the 2013 is Rubberneckers by Belinda Bauer, a splendid thriller and you can read more on this site and download a free section to sample. Belinda on the show on the 28th January.

Today we need your oldies please on 30 YEARS OF BREAKFAST TV. Remarkably I think, the best morning show that the UK produced was that first one with Frank Bough, Selina Scott, Russel Grant et al. They got it right first time! TVAM and everything else since has never quite matched that show and we've never made anything to match what the Americans manage everyday. Anyway  radio is still the only place to be of a morning (or any other time of day) and breakfast tv has never overtaken the importance of the breakfast radio shows. But breakfast tv tunes please for tonight's show...

Nige is doing a haggis in something or other and I might join Sally in her veggie option. Have a robust and sturdy Thursday. See you after 5.


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