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Cheesecloth revival


You know when everyone is browner than you? That moment when you're standing next to colleagues who are fresher and more relaxed than you are? And even though you've had a holiday, it really doesn't feel like it. And Christmas is a long way away? Well that was me yesterday. Matt and Rebecca look chilled and at one with the world, the rest of us look frazzled and crazed. But it is still good to have the team back and raring to go. Or something like that.

Lovely September is looking mighty fine here, a warm autumn is a thing to cherish. We are grateful for every decent day and relish every degree of heat. We know the thick jumpers will be back soon but for now let's sit outside. Picnic, bbq, wear thin cotton items,stroll, swim. Leaf kicking is just around the corner.

Today we welcome Deacon Blue to Drivetime. They have a new album out called The Hipsters and it is their first since 2001. Ricky Ross has been very busy songwriting for the great and good but now the band are back and the single sounds great. They perform at the Elton John piano tonight!
And RESHUFFLE oldies please. CHANGING THINGS AROUND that kind of thing as the PM rearranges his team. Oldies on shuffle.
Have a sparkling, clear-sighted Tuesday. See you after 5


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