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Safely gathering in


Well hooray for no exams in this house. Been there and done that-sympathies if you have  results arriving in yours. The arrival, in times of yore, of the dreaded envelope had the power to ruin or make everyone's holiday. I remember my As being chucked into my tent by my father as we camped somewhere in Cornwall and then crisps and cup-a-soup all round for my BCC grades (tougher marking in those days don't you think). We shall return to the nervous, nail-biting august in a few years but we'll take the reprieve thank you very much. I think the stress is greater for the parents who are trying to be balanced and offer wise perspective, while actually wanting to scream and run around the garden kicking things. Or is it just me?

Nigel today. Salad and fish. I've told him I'm bringing in some salad cream. This is a fierce divider; I love it, Mrs M hates it and all its works. My brother loves it, his wife curses its existence. But when Nigel Slater gave it his thumbs up, I considered that game-over and its place in the fridge was assured. It's a cheap blunderbus of a dressing but sometimes it is called for. Nige might not be happy to see a large plastic bottle appear so I'll hide a ghastly sachet in the studio and wait for the right moment...

And, as hinted yesterday, I think HARVEST oldies are called for. I occasionally hear Farming Today on Radio 4 (sometimes hosted by my old colleague Sybil Ruscoe) with reports of the harvest of 2013 which,depending on who you listen to, is late and disappointing or early and encouraging. So now is the moment.

Have a twinkling and head-turning Thursday. See you after 5.


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