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Greetings from the coffee shop-coffee and porridge being taken. All traffic was demented this morning with drivers taking it in turn to be annoying. There's a rota somewhere. The haven of breakfast has been arrived at and everything is chipper. A morning screening of somethingorother and then I am on track.

And a top guest tonight. Howard Goodall is one of those effortlessly brilliant people that it is hard not to be in awe of. His history of music on BBC 2 has been wonderfully informative and compulsive viewing, even if you know you'll forget all the facts as soon as the show finishes. His musical 'The Hired Man' created with that other genius Melvyn Bragg, is on in Leicester and Colchester and he wants to tell you about it; it would be rude not to listen.

Having written the themes for Blackadder, QI, Mr Bean and The Vicar of Dibley, his next project is a musical version of Bend It Like Beckham! We did songs about singing for Gareth Malone so we'll just have to do HOWARD GOODALL oldies. That way you can choose all the music and song related tunes you could possibly fancy.

Have a toe-tapping and harmonious Tuesday. See you after 5.

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