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A dog barking at a crow


I'm watching Much Ado About Nothing. At the same time as blogging. But concentrating on both equally you understand. This is Joss Whedon's Much ado which, incredibly, he filmed in 12 days at his house in Santa Monica. He had 2 weeks inbetween filming the Avengers Assembled movie and editing it, so instead of going to Venice with his wife, they made another movie. That's called being a workaholic I believe but the results are terrific and the reviews are great. Joss is on the 5L movie show this afternoon, along with the new Superman Henry Cavill. I have one hour inbetween the 2 shows so inspired by Joss Whedon, I'll make a quick documentary about the history and geography of the Euphrates river.

Then it is the ARF and your opening year of requirement is 1980. Splendid choices all welcome.

Have a chirpy and spirited Friday, see you after 2 and/or 5.


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