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Yurt, torch, bog roll


Up since 4.30 on school-trip duties. I am convinced I have forgotten something crucial for child 3's rucksack. Done the checklist but rest assured THERE WILL BE SOMETHING. And I will be told.

Anyway, the coach has gone, too late now. Don't fancy 7 hours on a coach I must say. The packed lunch, so lovingly prepared at 5am, will be gone by 8am. And there will be nothing but mints and fizzy sweets to get them though till supper time.

I think the pocket money thing has been worked out but doubtless everyone else will have more. Child 1 returned from his first trip away with a bone dry flannel and a general dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards look. Money well spent! Enough angst. On with the show.Nige. Food. Probably with fish. Deliberately.


And after talking to Jo yesterday and on the eve of all that Glasto-related stuff, how about FESTIVAL GOING oldies. Yes I think so. It's easier than trying the A303.




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