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So that's it. Another year of shows (three I believe) and we all deserve a few days of peace and quiet (hah!). [Too much punctuation. Already.] Thanks for all your posts, songs selections, bonhomie and generally keeping the  show bubbling at all hours of the day and night. We all stop today and reappear only when it is safe. In my case that is on New Years Day! I have no idea how that happened especially as Matt and Rebecca return on the 2nd but I shall lead from the front (you're rambling now, get to the point).

Last movie show of the year first with Toby Jones making a welcome return to talk Hitchcock before an all request Christmas at 5. It is a BIG travelling day so once again my inclination will be to stay on air till midnight until you're all home safe and well. But those fiendish other shows get in the way so we're off at 7 as normal.

But how to start our ARC? I have no idea really but I'm sure you do. We'll probably get everything festive suggested but if you want one final throw of the dice before a)the end of the world or b) the end of the year, here's the chance.

A happy Christmas to all bloggers, vets, newcomers and retired. Keep up the magnificent work. Time to get emotional.

See you at 5.

Blog returns on the 2nd January 2013, like new bedding, all crisp, fragrant and lovely.


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