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So it's a great big well done everyone


(especially Canute on getting his job) Here we are then with another lovely Friday to embrace, hope all is good with all DT bloggers everywhere. Enjoyed Michael Palin yesterday, always a fascinating conversation. And to state the obvious, he charms the pants off everyone he meets. He has the twinkle in the eye still and is clearly looking forward to the O2 and making each other laugh. And us hopefully. Lots more Python to come...
Film show today with Darren Aronofsky the director of Noah, the big new movie of the week (or 'wet gladiator' as Mark K is calling it) and then some serious ARF action with our opening year being......2000. I know! But it is 14 years ago now (obvs) and we were all so young back then. Were you buying tunes in 2000? There was some good stuff too-Moby's Play, Travis's The Man Who, Parachutes Coldplay and All That You Can't Leave Behind U2. And loads of Britney, Westlife and Eminem too. The Queen mum was 100, the Tate Modern opened, old Wembley closed and the Sydney Olympics were a stunning success. And your ARFO would be.....?
Let's have a good one. See you at 5!

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