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Still Throwing the R


Sun. A hint of warmth (though I confess some might come from a few hours of radiator action overnight. I know). A mad and crazy school run full of rude and utterly hopeless drivers, and now some quiet time with you all to restore some balance and sanity.


That's better.


Well The Proclaimers are on today and splendid company Craig and Charlie are too. We go back to those early days of 1987 and 1988 when they first turned up and, to begin with, Radio 1 wasn't too sure what to do with them; after all there weren't too many twins-with-acoustic-guitar-and-tambourine acts around in those Stock Aiken and Waterman days. The early stuff was unlike anything else that was around at the time but seeing them live was an exhilarating experience and they wormed their way into our hearts.

Then Letter From America turned up and they had a huge hit on their hands (single version produced by Gerry Rafferty). They played on my last Radio 1 show and have now appeared with a new 'best of' compilation double album, complete with notes by David Tennant. Singalongadrivetime is expected after 6.


And shall we try WHISTLEBLOWER oldies? I think so.


Have a sunkist and golden Tuesday, see you after 5.


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