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Yes still here, still bloggering on and the last post for a week as we disappear to spend a few days of compulsory family fun somewhere freezing and with fewer amenities than home. I'm sure it'll be lovely. I trust the Easter weekend will be a good one and full of hot cross buns (no fishcakes for heavens sake), assorted and occasionally hidden chocolate delights and a few chips.
Child 2 duly arrived back for a whistle stop tour of the washing machine, larder and her bedroom (still tidy). She disappears again today for more weeks of travelling but I'd forgotten what it was like to see someone who'd BEEN IN SOME HEAT and consequently looked tanned and relaxed. Maybe one day we'll all like that. But until then...
Here we go with an all request Friday having already got in the mood with a swift half-hour last night. And your opening year of requirement is 1956! Yes really! We need some classic ROCKNROLL to start todays show and '56 is about as rocknrolly (?) as it gets.
Have a warm-hearted and generous Friday, see you after 5.
(and keep the posts coming next week. My prediction is 765 comments by next Monday)

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