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A slow day. A one show Friday. Might even fit in a nap somewhere along the way. And all in the cause of hitting the ARF-high needed at 5pm. I will be as focused and disciplined as a high-performance athlete, albeit one that might have chips at lunch.
The cold continues to make its slow inexorable progress through my finely-honed body. Eyes-streaming, and hanky-dabbing, I made it through yesterday with the occasional sympathetic glance from Matt, Rebecca and Sally. The 2 Aussie Rules guys looked as though I might have been a danger to their sporting prowess (which I may well have been) and Nigel was so busy being 1) late and 2) waving his horrible mushrooms around that he wouldn't have noticed.
So we move on.
The weekend is almost here, there is shopping and washing to be done (yes I will be the one doing it). No movie show as the other one takes half terms off (lightweight) so just the all requester to sort. How about an opening song from (picks year at random, blindfold, terms and conditions apply) 1988? Might be tough.
Have a healthy and sneeze free Friday! See you at 5.


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