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Another blog on the move, this time to the exotic pastures of Gerrards Cross (no apostrophe I believe). There are no very few schools I haven't visited and I'm expecting Mr Gove to ban me quite shortly as a non-testable luxury. But until then I'll carry on. I appear to be ridiculously early as the cab company seem to have no idea of journey times and think a 30 minute wait at the station will be just the ticket. I like to be early but this is silly. Marylebone Station is fine (though I never buy it when playing Monopoly, never seems worth the £200) but still a chilly and boring place to entertain yourself first thing in the morning.
Today we welcome top gardener Diarmuid Gavin (my spellcheck really hates his first name-took me 5 goes before it allowed me to write it properly). He's one of the Gardeners' World Live (think that apostrophe is right though looks odd) team and will be dispensing advice, demonstrating (I'm struggling here) gardening er, techniques (?) and being roguishly Diarmuid.
And how about oldies for that old favourite, the MIDDLE LANE DRIVER Now you could get £100 fine and 3 penalty points if you're caught refusing to budge. So songs please!
Have a positive and idea-filled Wednesday, see you after 5

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