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So it's 4.30am and I've just danced a ridiculous jig with my daughter as she headed off on her travels. She's been looking forward to this for years but when the moment came, it all was a lot more tricky than she realised so we covered that with a little minuetto allegretto. So that was ok then. Child 3 is less than happy of course as he realises he's about to be an only child but hopefully we'll all settle into our new roles very soon. Lovely moment last night when daughter  was reading from IR to son who was finding it tricky to sleep! Just got something in my eye...
So show time and get on with it. Richard Gere stars in the movie show on 5L from 2 and is in twinkling top form. Then your ARF (I may well be flagging at this point) and your year of mystery for the first tune is 1977. Gabba Gabba Hey!

Have an emotionally together Friday, see you at 2&5.

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