Playing: It Took Me So Long To Get Here, But Here I Am by KT Tunstall
BBC Radio 2
I'm off to Liphook without checking the map. But I trust the cabbie and train driver to have done that for me. Another school is about to have their routine cruelly interrupted by talk of sodium, potassium and exploding eyebrows. I'm pretending it's about I*** but really it's about garnering new Radio 2 listeners, subtly preparing them for their future listening. I'm a missionary in the field really and the wilds of Hampshire (I know that much) is my destination.

Assuming the trains all connect with each other, all will be well for Drivetime tonight with our guest movie director Christopher Columbus. Home Alone, Mrs Doubtfire and the first 2 Harry Potters are amongst his back catalogue. Now he's written a book! For kids! And it's got a quote from JK Rowling on the front (cue the gnashing of teeth)! It's a story called the House of Secrets and was originally a screenplay but thought too expensive to film. So Chris will be live from Hollywood after 6.

And how about SECRETS  as a jolly decent oldies topic? (great Dutch tunes by the way).

Have a confident and enthusiastic Wednesday, see you after 5.

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