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And we're back. Hope your weekend was a good one. Thank you for all the birthday wishes from Friday, it was a gentle one. A visit from my mother, a few friends baring gifts (beer and chocolate by and large) and a visit to the garden centre. This was a rock'n'roll birthday as I'm sure you can tell. I did however indulge in the pudding department and whole tarts were bought (apricot and rhubarb actually) with an excessive amount of cream but as excess goes, it is hardly on a Fleetwood Mac scale of indulgence. There was one r'n'r element to the weekend which was a coffee and conversation with Bono and Edge about this and that. Which is always nice.
Just checking the new Radio 1 breakfast show as host Nick Grimshaw makes his debut. He certainly sounds a lot more together than I did in 1987. Yes it really was 25 years ago and now I'm feeling old all over again (twice in one blog!). It was the most terrifying experience and I didn't really know what I was doing, not helped by the producer being in Florida with Mike Smith. But it turned out ok in the end I suppose.
Showday dawns and another book club for you. Birdsong author Sebastian Faulkes will be in to talk about his new book A Possible Life. It's really 5 stories or 5 novellas which sort of connect but don't really. But Sebastian will explain all. Meantime you can check out some of it here-it is strong stuff I think.
And oldies today please for PLEBS. Courtesy of the current furore, this archaic word (meaning the shopkeepers, craftsmen and farmers of Rome) is suddenly everywhere, so let's do plebs for the tunes and see what happens.
Have a calm and straightforward Monday, see you after 5.


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