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Autumn shorts


Morning to all


A sunny one here, with a promise of heat later. And September heat at that; some lovely autumnal days on he way this week. The season is usually marked in these parts by the crabapple wars; gangs of youths wandering down the street, picking up ammo from the road and chucking it at each other/passing cats/nothing in particular. My gran used to make crabapple jelly which she loved and we all avoided but was better use of nature's bounty than fuelling London's fruit battles.


A sunny drivetime on the way then despite a cold book choice for the book club. Burial Rites by Hannah Kentis set in Northern Iceland in 1829.  It is the most talked about Australian debut novel in years and reimagines the life and death of Agnes Magnusdottir, the last woman to be executed in Iceland. Throw another log on the fire and turn us up after 6. Get a shiver on now-read a chapter here!

And oldies please for THE FOOTBALL TRANSFER WINDOW which closes today after the world record transfer of Mr G Bale to Real Madrid. for £85 million. It is total lunacy of course but might give us some fun tunes to play anyway.


 And finally a word on the passing of Sir David Frost.  I loved his interviewing style, loved the way he listened, worked and charmed his way to the heart of the matter. I interviewed him a number of times and he was unfailingly charming and endlessly fascinating. I can't think of anyone else who will do what he did; to have a chat show in the USA and the UK was quite extraordinary. A great legacy, he will be much missed.


Have a fruitful and bountiful Monday, see you after 5.

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