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Calmer waters today (very calm on the blog yesterday!) and happy with that.  Child 2 back safely berthed at home and tales and photos of travels will dominate conversation for quite a while. Those days of sending the film off to the chemist and waiting a week or two for the results to come back are from another era. We've skyped and facetimed and downloaded to the extent that we feel we have been a part of the travels. She missed the months of foul weather perfectly and has arrived in time for a country in bloom (if showery now here). When child 1 finishes at Uni, we might even be 5 again; so much for the empty nest!

So today we have former Home Secretary Alan Johnson who has written a memoir of his childhood 'This Boy' to extraordinarily favourable reviews. It isn't really political at all but a story of post war poverty in 1950s Notting Hill Gate.  2 women dominate; his mother who battled poor health and loneliness and his sister who took on the role of mother when she was only 16. Alan is i think one of those politicians who most people like and warm too, hear him after 6.

And oldies please for the return of The Apprentice last night and the latest parade of 'entrepreneurs' you wouldn't want anywhere near your house or family.

Have an uplifting and reassuring Wednesday, see you after 5


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