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Keeping schtum


School run done (main conversation-simultaneous equations) and in my normal promiscuous listening habits, came upon a 5 Live/Nicky Campbell chat about Nicky's 25 years on national radio. Newsman Richard Evans took part, as did former Radio 1 controller Johnny Beerling. They were wondering-in passing-why i hadn't made anything of my 25 year anniversary as I joined Radio 1 a year ahead of Nicky. Well here's the answer guys: until this morning I hadn't done the sums. Also there comes a time when you don't fancy reminding the bosses quite how long you've been knocking around in case they have some crazy idea about 'freshening things up' and 'introducing some new faces'. That will never do. So let's keep this a little blog secret. I won't tell if you don't.
Today it is Paul Merton as our guest after 6. He returned to stand-up earlier this year with a 50 date tour and has just opened a show at the Vaudeville Theatre in London, last night in the gracious presence of Sally Traffic. I last interviewed him about his love for silent movies but there is no doubt that through Have I Got News For You and Just A Minute he is one of our favourite funny men.
And oldies please for the FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE which takes place tonight. OBAMA V ROMNEY should be a fascinating encounter but it lacks musical direction which is where you come in. Thanks.
Have a cheery and optimistic Wednesday, see you after 5


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