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Gloomy skies, drizzle, heating on. October indeed. A weekend of re-writes, cooking and trying to resist the siren call of the golf. If I had succumbed, two days would have disappeared down the tv-shaped hole and that would never do. So instead I held out until the bitter end but then watched the final climactic hour. Given that my very own THFC had beaten Manchester Utd on Saturday, this was making a rather splendid weekend all round. But I can't just sit/stand and watch/listen sport anymore as it is all too stressful. So washing up/ironing/cooking while occasionally checking scores works just fine. This is the equivalent of watching sport on ceefax which used to be my preferred option; the scorecheck and the 2 minute wait for it to update was perfect for allowing you to get on with life while keeping tabs on your team. Steam-based technology!
All that and reading too. 3 books on the go. One is a possible future book club choice, one is the current selection from Jacqueline Wilson 'Emerald Star' (read whilst here) and the other is 'Oblivion' by the masterful Anthony Horowitz. This man is on fire! His Sherlock Holmes book 'The House of Silk' got great revues (including this weekend from Philip Pullman) and he worked on Tintin with Steven Spielberg. Now he has completed what he thinks is his best ever work and it is a monster of a read. It's the concluding part of a pentalogy (I checked) about 5 children with special powers to take on the evil Old Ones. They are sort of children's books but sort of not too. A splendid grey area! Anthony is a force of nature and hear more from 6.
And for the oldies I think COMEBACKS might work. After the European golfers comeback from 10-4 down at one stage to win the Ryder Cup 14 and a half to 13 and a half (can't do fractions on this board), let us salute the REVERSAL OF FORTUNE and comebacks will sound good tonight. Which is where you come in of course.
Have a healthy and bouncy Monday, see you after 5.


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