Playing: Born Again Tomorrow by Bon Jovi
BBC Radio 2

Morning all and here we go into another week. Jake Bugg on the radio now with Chris and sounding great.

Listeners to Jo Whiley will not need telling that Jake is an intriguing talent who, whatever else, doesn't sound like he's a teenager from Nottingham. Jake talked about writing Lightening Bolt with 'my friend Iain' The Iain in question is my friend Iain Archer; you might remember in 2011 when Tired Pony played on the show (Gary Lightbody, Peter Buck et al) the last vocal was taken by  Iain. He's carving quite a name as a producer and writer now and Jake's success will only add to that. There should be a new Tired pony album recorded soon.

While on the subject of twang, delighted to have Steve Earle back on the show. Bob Harris played a track from Steve's new album The Low Highway and the whole thing is rather wonderful I must say. I've loved his songs since Copperhead Road and Steve always has a lot to say on music, tradition, politics, America, acting, marraige (6 time veteran!) and life on the road. Should be good.

And songs for EXCAVATING please as Richard 3 (or is it?) is confirmed or denied. I know we've been here before but it is such a good story I think we should go digging again. The king in the car park (or underneath it)!


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