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(and 100% vegetarian should you wonder)

Friday everybody and that is rather good news. I'm not having a particularly Black Friday myself as work appears to be in the way. This has the advantage of saving even more money than the sales might. Just buy nothing, works every time. Next blog, it'll be December and then things will be different. Buying things is compulsory and that's that. Arriving at work with loads of bags will become standard . Jo Whiley does this with effortless style every week but I'll look harassed and sweaty which will be a treat for everyone. Gather round everyone!

Film show time with Daniel Radcliffe who is playing Alan Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, a new movie about the Beat Poets (beat poets?) and murder. Always a bit of an event to have Daniel on the show-he manages to be a good salesman and good company which makes for a good guest.

Then we'll kick off an ARF with a big old song from 1993. After our 1963 kick off last week, we're bang up to date with a song from 20 years ago that will illuminate our evening. It's Groundhog Day, Schindler's List and Jurassic Park. It's John Major, Mr Blobby and Kenny G. And your host is moving from Breakfast to mornings on Radio 1. Songs please!

Have a reassuring and celebratory Friday, see you after 2&5.



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