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Chalk dust and summer lawns


And a very good day to you all (doffs cap) hope all good there. All ok here. A weekend of sitting in traffic, writing a few lines and talking to teachers. I was at an education festival (I know, that's what I thought) on Saturday and, whilst edging past historian David Starkey, manage to find a rather fine flapjack. There are few things as disappointing as a flapjack that lets you down. Too flacid, too brittle, too dry; there are so many ways for a flapjack to fail. So when one works it needs to be celebrated.

Jason Donovan on the show today, now to be considered something of a respected West End musical star. He's about to be gunslinger Frank in Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun which will tour for about 7 months. Then it's War of the Worlds etc. He's only just finished Priscilla Queen of the Desert - you get the picture.

And that looks like Wimbledon starting today. I shall be wearing mainly white in it's honour. We may well have done this before but Wimbledon oldies please and thank you.

5pm then?


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