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Not your average breakfast really. Usual yogurt etc but while watching a film? This is the kind of madness inhabited by my friend Mark but then he is a critic. It's a strange morning when you are ferrying from school lunch bag, to breakfast table, to movie watching. Fortunately nothing inappropriate happened on screen to embarrass anyone and underline the temporary loss of radio entertainment. This is what happens when last minute guests get added for the film show and a rapid catch up is called for, but there is a hint of decadence about watching a film before, say,10am. Maybe it is the old protestant work ethic here but this time of day is for hard graft (school run, reading the paper, going to the gym etc) not namby-pamby media consumption. Still, the job has to be done and when I finish blog scribblings, I shall return to Liberal Arts starring Josh Radnor who guests on the movie show today. Hardly the full cinematic experience ('Dad come and get rid of this spider/where's my phone/can you drop me at the tube') but it looks good so far.
Then to R2 and the mighty ARF taking to the airwaves. Today we will only accept track suggestions from 1971. David Hepworth has suggested this was the high water mark of the rock album (Hunky Dory, Sticky Fingers, Every Picture Tells A Story, Pink Floyd's Meddle, Elton John's Madman Across the Water, Who's Next and Led Zeppelin IV) so lets get some 1971 action on. Your choice welcome of course.
Have a glittering and sparkly Friday, see you after 2 and 5


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