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Late blog, life getting in the way. I'll be brief!
Loved the chat with Celia Imrie yesterday. What a woman! Very funny, very smart, very talented. And she was in Star Wars. As I mentioned on the show 'which member of Calendar Girls was in Star Wars?' has to be quite a good quiz question at the very least. In the run of form she's in, that dame-hood can't be far away. It also sounds right. Case closed, point proven.
Today it's Nige's fancy swiss roll. Presumably it won't just be the way my mum used to buy it, though rolled up sponge with stuff inside seems to be what it is, however you tart it up. A fattening treat anyway; I'll eat it so you don't have to.
Oldies please on LIES AND CHEATS. We've heard much in the last few hours of the bankers who have been up too nefarious activities so let's serenade with a few carefully selected tunes.
Have a sprightly and athletic Thursday! See you after 5.
And hi to Lilac Blue!


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