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Morning or 'Hey' as we seem to say now. I think it's to do with Friends where everyone greets everybody else with 'Hey'. This seems to have replaced hello, watcha, and good morning. . It makes life simpler I suppose but feels inappropriate with the grandparents so we are keeping a more formal "How do you do grandmama, you slept well I trust?". This is followed by a frisbee in the abdomen or a tennis ball to the shoulder. We're making new traditions that's all.
We have no GCSE pressure in this house this time indeed and will be spared that until 2016. By then we might know how to handle the pressure but until then, sympathies and caffeine to stressed households. Many appeared to be up early with the parents eating cake and chocolate for fun. Chris is talking about drinking cider; we need to get back into the healthy lifestyle someday soon.
Showday with Nigel cooking something meaty and Portuguese though I forget what precisely and oldies please for PRINCE HARRY. Thought of doing VEGAS or CROWN JEWELS but it seemed simpler to stick with the man himself.
Have a satisfying and creative Thursday, se you after 5


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