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Greetings bloggers. A lovely Friday beckons, weather notwithstanding (I have no basis for this statement and there is more evidence to the contrary. But I make it anyway). Child 1 should be returning to the fold which will be lovely but means we will all have to rearrange our places in the house. Just when you're used to them not being there, they're back. More food required. A lot more food required. Then, just as we get used to being 5 again, child 1 will upsticks and we'll be 4 again. Then 3 (repeat to fade).
Top book launch with Jeremy Vine last night. JV has written a book on his 25 years at the BBC and the room was awash with the nations finest journos: Jon Sopel, Steve Richards, Jonathan Friedland, Justin Webb etc Politicians like IDS and top radio talent like Ken Bruce and Sir Bob Harris. Tim Vine made a hilarious speech which, I can inform you, had IDS in stitches. Haven't read JV's book but it sounds packed with tasty morsels (just done the maths and realised I've been with the BBC for 30 years. I've missed a trick.)
2 shows today and first up it's movies on 5L and guests Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg who are star and director of Cosmopolis which is out today. We recorded the piece a week back,but there is a frisson in the room when a top heartthrob is in the room (a bit like hanging out with Ken Bruce) and can report R Patz was charming and suave.
Then the ARF for R2 and looking forward to it already. No restrictions for today's opening tune, just the best you can possibly think of to set everyone off in the best possible spirit. Over to you bloggers and blogvets...
Have an organised and waste free Friday. See you after 2&5


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