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Shallow Pile


If it's Tuesday it must be Chorley Wood. Soon I will have visited every school within a 2 hour radius of Radio 2 and then it'll be time to start all over again. I'm close to being a member of staff at some colleges. A few too many staffroom biscuits however...
Much discussion at the studios yesterday at the new carpet which has appeared. Steve Wright chose the pattern-a blue,brown, murky, dirty swirl of 70's pub-style ghastliness. Fortunately, it runs out just before the drivetime/Jeremy Vine studio and we still have the old, worn out carpet; dirty grey pub-style ghastliness. You may rest assured that your licence money is not being spent on anything nice. Or tasteful. Such hardship we endure on your behalf.
Today we welcome award winning comedian and actor Alan Davies to the show to talk QI, doing stand-up again and assorted paraphernalia. And oldies please inspired by tonight's C4 show 'The Boy Who Can't Forget'. This is a 20 year old student called Aurelian who, you might have realised, can't forget anything. He remembers everything about his life in minutest detail (as opposed to the rest of us...). So UNFORGETTABLE songs it is.
Have a fragrant and tip-top Tuesday, see you after 5


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