You know you want to


Gloomy and dark here due to a) the weather and b) the scaffolding blotting out all traces of sunlight but I understand it is daylight out there and Children in Need day is once more with us. The money is rolling in already, the auctions are rocking and the phone answerer tribes are gathered. The jukebox rolls out all day with your messages and music choices and by the end of the day a very nice total indeed should be added to the CIN total. The jukebox works because instead of bids for many thousands of pounds (and that was an unbelievable total that Chris reached this week!) you get a song on for whatever you can manage.
So it is the jukebox/all request Friday/CIN update show and will feature the debut of BECKS ON THE DECKS/PIKE IN THE MIKE making her debut with a selection of 80s hits. We have asked her to wear an 80s outfit with a bow in her hair or something but she'll probably wear that Pudsey onesie as normal. Dr Mosh will rock the non Abba/ELO tunes and all in all FUN WILL BE HAD OR THERE"LL BE TROUBLE.
And your opening tune please from the year of 1990. And if you get the crown, the deal is you cough up to your nearest CIN bin. Thanks. This week the crown costs cash!
Have a generous and cooperative Friday, see some bloggers later and on air at 5.


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