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Some days if I don't get in the office early enough, it gets too hot and the screen in unreadable. So early blogging essential! This hasn't been an issue in recent years but we are now in full 'why-haven't-we-got-air-con' mode, dawn typing is the best use of everything. Sweaty blogging isn't nice.

Lots of love for Paul Young yesterday, those 80s loving listeners were out in force and enjoying the talk of cassettes, re-mixes, 12 inches and the No Parlez album. He seemed in good shape and fine voice too. Liked the story about how his gig in Hyde Park clashed with Andy M's last set on Sunday but managed to incorporate the result into the final number. Whenever there are huge nation-stopping sport events, there's always one unfortunate act that has to go on and pretend they knew about the clash ages ago but chose to play anyway. And the crowd do the same really...

Today we welcome Jonathan Agnew to drivetime. The BBC's cricket correspondent is the perfect guest on the eve of the Ashes. After the Lions and Andy Murray set the standard, anything other than a drubbing of the Aussies will be deemed disappointing. But Aggers will mark our card later.

And how about BEDTIME ROUTINE oldies as researchers suggest an irregular evening leads to a drop in intelligence. Or something like that.

Have a fragrant and glowing Tuesday, see you after 5


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