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Greetings from the estate, where even the foxes are too wet to bother being a pest. After a morning with top chap Paul Gambaccini, I'd been walking around for so long and got so wet that I had to find a hair dryer to dry my shoes and socks. Body heat seems enough to gently strew the dampness from most clothing but footwear needs stronger action. So I stood in the gym heating my shoes feeling only slightly stupid but, eventually, had toasty feet. An evening in the theatre was on the cards so couldn't face the thought of moist toes. Today is starting in pretty much the same way with that pesky jet stream which is normally doing it's thing much further north but has swung south and is sucking up air and then leaving us with big winds and torrential rain. Thanks a lot.
The theatre trip was to see tonight's guest Omid Djalili in Joe Orton's What The Butler Saw. Haven't seen a farce for years but had a great time with a top cast including Tim McInnerny and Samantha Bond. The full frontal was a shock (I'd gone with child 2) but iI recovered swiftly and pretended nothing had happened. Omid from 6 (he keeps his clothes on).
And oldies please for the oldest yoga teacher in the world who is Tao Porchon-Lynch and is 93. And is flexible and nimble and everything we all want to be now, never mind at 93. Off you go now.
Have a bendy and pliant Tuesday, see you after 5


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